SIRES Academy Makes a Difference!You've seen how much fun your kids have playing online, right? They'd sit at the computer and play for hours if you'd let them. So, what keeps them sitting there hour upon hour? It's FUN! approve We understand.

Did you know your kids are learning while they're playing? Studies have shown that while they're playing they're learning
  • how to think strategically
  • economics
  • typing
  • communication
  • tolerance
  • computer skills
And they're developing skills in
  • Critical thinking
  • Socialization
  • Teaching and mentoring
  • Teamwork
At SIRES Academy we believe learning should engage our learners; learning should be something our learners want to do! And what better way than to provide academic content that captures their interest and motivates them? Content that engages them and you, as well. After all, isn't that why you chose virtual learning for your children - to be more proactive and interactive in their education?

Virtual learning is like nothing your children have experienced in the physical classroom. Virtual learning allows them to develop
  • Time management skills
  • A sense of ownership
  • A sense of responsibility for your actions
  • Research skills
And they're not alone! Their teachers are right there with them guiding them and helping them shape their learning. In fact, SIRES Academy's administrators and staff members are online learners just like your children are once you've enrolled them into SIRES Academy! So, yeah. We understand. We know from personal experience how rich and rewarding virtual learning is. And we understand the freedom from the every day drudgery that comes with traditional learning they'll experience as virtual learners.

Isn't it time you made the move to virtual learning? Click here and choose Enrollment Information from the Subject drop down menu to begin the enrollment process.
Last modified: Thursday, 19 July 2012, 01:30 PM