1. Summit International provides to you, the end user, access to its privateThe Legal Stuff virtual school, SIRES Academy, for the purposes of study and course completion in whichever academic program in to which you enroll your children. Included in your site access is the ability to track your children's school attendance and academic progress while they are enrolled as SIRES Academy students and participating in SIRES courses.
  2. Summit International makes available to its enrolled students access to nationally recognized curricula and the courses, gameware*, quizzes and test assessments built upon that curricula.  (* Gameware is not available for all courses within the program)
  3. Summit International, through its private virtual school SIRES Academy, makes available to you the activities and resources needed to provide a well rounded academic experience for your children. These activities and resources include but are not limited to links to external learning libraries and websites, chat capabilities, forum (discussion group) participation, hotpot activities, lessons and workshops, and offline learning activities.
  4. Because of the nature of the virtual environment, you the parent understand and agree that Summit International makes no claims, warranties, or guarantees that your children will make suitable academic progress if you are not actively involved in your children's learning experiences. You further agree that this service is not provided as a "baby sitting service" to keep your children entertained while you work or pursue other activities away from your children.
  5. You agree not to abuse the system with off-topic posts or comments. These include using the service to spam other users with unsolicited email or marketing posts.  
  6. You agree not to abuse the system with crude or foul language. You understand that children as young as five years old may be accessing the system under parental supervision and may come into contact with any postings you or your children make during your enrollment period.
  7. You agree that you will not use the SIRES Academy hosting capabilities to host or post any content or material for which you do not personally own the copyright. This includes games, videos, written material, and audio recordings. The only exception to this is if you have written permission from the copyright owner. 
  8. You agree that Summit International has the right to suspend or disable your account should you violate these terms of service.
  9. Because SIRES Academy's program is flexible and unique, Summit International is not responsible for tracking the attendance and progress your children make for those resources and activities you provide your children away from the classroom. Where possible, Summit International, through its private virtual school SIRES Academy, will make available the tools you need to manually track your children's attendance and academic progress through such outside resources and activities.
  10. While Summit International, through its private virtual school SIRES Academy, makes every effort to accurately track your children's attendance and academic progress, you, the parent, agree that you are bear the final responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of your children's academic records while enrolled as learners with SIRES Academy.
  11. Summit International reserves the right to modify, add to, or otherwise edit and update these terms as necessary throughout your children's enrollment period. Summit International will make any changes, updates, or modifications available to you through this webpage. It is your responsibility to make sure you periodically check this page for updates and modifications.
  12. Summit International has registered SIRES Academy as a Non-Public School (Not Seeking State Approval) with the state of Louisiana Department of Education in accordance with LA R.S. 17:232.
Last modified: Tuesday, 1 May 2012, 07:44 AM