Enroll Today!Enrollment is now open for the 2012-2013 school year!


Tuition for grades 3-12 is $600.00 per child per year and includes a non-refundable administrative and registration fee of $350.00 which must be sent in with your enrollment application for each child enrolled. This fee purchases your child's seat license in the Ignitia program and covers the cost of setting up your child's academic program.

The balance of the tuition may be paid in full at the time of registration or divided into three equal payments due each month beginning in the second month.


At this time, the Ignitia program does not have a K-2 program. Please contact SIRES Academy's Headmistress, Ms. Emma Shows, to design a program for your child(ren) and to discuss tuition.


Those parents who wish to take advantage of the Dual Enrollment Program may do so for an additional fee of only $1700.00 which covers the tuition for one year at Alpha Omega Academy as well as, the seat license fee for each child enrolled into SIRES Academy. This fee is charged by Alpha Omega Academy and must be sent in with your child(ren)'s registration. SIRES Academy receives no part of this extra fee. Those parents participating in the Dual Enrollment Program do not pay SIRES Academy's administrative and registration fee.


To begin the enrollment process, please contact Ms. Emma Shows, SIRES Academy's Headmistress*. Click Here and choose Enrollment Information from the Subject drop down menu.

*Please note: each enrollment is an individual process. Ms. Shows will work with you to design an academic program suitable for each child you enroll into SIRES Academy. For this reason, the board of directors has chosen not to use an automatic online registration process.
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